"I'm fascinated by the striking role trust plays in our personal and working lives."

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"Innovation and economic growth are inextricably linked to intellectual property."

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Everything you always wanted to know about Intellectual Property

On the IPEG blog we have posted, over the years, 500+ contributions by IPEG consultants and guest authors on intellectual property. The blog posts cover topics on IP Management, Valuation, Trade Secrets, IP Strategy, IP Portfolio Management, Licensing, and a lot more.

We continue to do write to bring you up to speed on what happens in the area of IPR. If you are interested to contribute to any IP subject please contact IPEG via the contact form below. 


Anonymous Patent Litigation?

A new addition to the service industry around patent litigation in Europe has just launched: a company that delivers frontman or “strawman” administrative services to assist law firms and patent attorney firms to offer their clients the possibility to start anonymous invalidation or nullity actions before a European court or an opposition before the EPO? ...

Unified Patent Court adopts final Rules of Procedure

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is coming ever closer following important decisions taken by the Administrative Committee. The UPC should now open for business in Spring 2023, at the end of a 3 to 4-month ‘sunrise period’ that is currently expected to start in December 2022 and during which opt-outs can start to be filed.

A portfolio of trade secrets – their value distribution curve

Whether you are looking for IP management support, face patent challenges in pharmaceutical or biotech or want to get ...

In which areas expect start-ups support from their investors?

For his study “Digital Business Management”, Daniel Burkhardt carried out a survey as part of his master thesis “What smart requirements and expectations do start-ups have of (potential) investors in the various stages of development?” (link to the original German…

"For the TrustTalk podcast I interview guests from all over the world to share their views on trust"

Podcast Reviews

Great podcast with inspiring guests

“If you listen to the interviews you realize how big a role trust plays in your life."

Well-selected, interesting guests

“Excellent podcast with interesting guests and relevant topics. The host Severin asks the right questions and is genuinely interested, which makes for pleasant listening."

Very informative

“These podcasts are really great to listen too. Really the nuanced story in this world that is too black and white."

In-depth interviews on trust and governance

Very refreshing to hear a genuinely interested host conducting in-depth interviews. High-profile and interesting guests. Thanks to Severin de Wit for making this podcast!”

Love this podcast, very informative

Influential guests for interviews and extraordinary views on the many faces of trust." 

Great podcast!

“The podcasts are very informative for a wide auduence. As an auditor I can recommend it to all audit professionals.” 

"Trust is our most valuable asset. It is how we interact in social life and how we perform in our work."

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Severin's Publications

IER 2020/47 p. 373-381 (Album Amicorum Ernst Numann)

Property, Exclusivity and how a Newborn reaching the Age of Maturity will experience the Patent System, if there is still one

(Liber Amicorum Prof. Charles Gielen 2015)

The Law of the Future and the Future of Law, Volume II (2012) 

Liber Amicorum Prof. Jaap H.Spoor (DeLex, 2007)

Liber Amicorum Theo Bremer (“Intellectuele Eigenaardigheden”, Kluwer 1998)

A Century of Patents in the Netherlands, a 2010 commemorative book by the NL Patent Office to celebrate the centenary of the Dutch patent system.

"PleitAcademie" is a Dutch educational and training Institute for legal professionals.

Severin is chairman of the foundation "Stichting PleitAcademie"

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